Wildland Parks

Wildland parks are large, undeveloped natural landscapes that retain their primeval character and allow for time-honored activities such as hunting, fishing, backpacking, backcountry camping, wildlife viewing, trapping, mountain climbing and trail riding. Designated trails for offhighway vehicle riding and snowmobiling are provided in some Wildland parks. These activities too are being discouraged by Community Development.

Community Development has undertaken a move to severely limit these activities that are deeply rooted in the Alberta culture and move the whole concept of Wildland Park more towards that of Provincial parks. The latter are distinguished from Wildland parks by their greater range of outdoor recreation facilities, greater extent of road access, and the interpretive and educational programs and facilities that are available to visitors. Automobile access is typically provided to staging areas and support facilities. All of which lead to an increased impact and destruction of the natural habitat. Traditional activities such as hunting and trapping are being discontinued in these new management plans for Alberta’s Wildland Parks.