Northern Pike and Walleye Management Framework Survey - posted: 2017-08-29

There is an online survey that all AFGA members should participate in related to Northern Pike and Walleye Management Frameworks Attached in pdf are supporting information and survey questions so you can think about your responses before actually taking the survey. Like most surveys, it comes with a particular perspective and appears weighted to gain support for the current management direction. Two broad questions however are missing, “Do you support the current fishery management direction, regulations and practices in Alberta” and “Do you believe the current fishery management direction is achieving the necessary environmental, social and economic balance.” While these questions are broader than just northern pike and walleye management, AEP should be trying to understand the level of overall support/nonsupport it has from the public and angling community. The closing date for the survey is September 5, 2017 so urge everyone to get this out to all clubs and members quickly.

Click here to view the questions

Take the Survey Here

Responses from AFGA 2017 Resolutions
- posted: 2017-08-09

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Strengthening Southern Alberta Wildfire Prevention Measures - posted: 2017-08-01
Effective immediately, the use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in the forest areas of Southern Alberta will be restricted to reduce the risk of wildfires in the area.

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Caribou Management Challenges Outdoor Recreation
- posted: 2017-07-06

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The Challenge of CWD: Insidious and Dire
- posted: 2017-04-24

Download here:

Recommended Solution to Concerns with Implementation of Canadian Firearm Marking Scheme
- posted: 2017-04-03

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2017 AGM Resolutions
- posted: 2017-03-29

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Budget Leaves Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife in the Dark!
- posted: 2017-03-21

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Family Traditions lose out under proposed Castle Parks! - posted: 2017-02-16

After 16 months of so-called public consultation by the Government of Alberta with regards to the proposed Castle Parks, the process has proven the Alberta Fish and Game Association’s (AFGA) initial suspicions correct...

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2017 Minister's Special Licence Grant Application
- posted: 2016-11-07

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New statement from AEP on Whirling Disease
- posted: 2016-09-15

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Statement in Support of Alberta Environment and Parks Action Related to Outbreak of Whirling Disease
- posted: 2016-09-06

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Going migratory bird hunting this year?
- posted: 2016-07-26

Buy your new 2016 e-Permit online and be ready in minutes!
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Environment and Climate Change Canada now offers you the option to buy your Migratory Game Bird Hunting (MGBH) e-Permits from the comfort of your home or business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Payments that can be made via major credit cards. The new MGBH e-Permits can be purchased at:

For more information, please contact:
Canadian Wildlife Service
351 St. Joseph Blvd., 16th Floor
Gatineau, QC K1A 0H3

2016 AGM Resolution Responses
- posted: 2016-07-22

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Public Meeting To Discuss Underutilized Fish Stocks in Northeast Alberta - September 7, 2016 - posted: 2016-07-22

For the past 16 years many public lakes in Alberta have had zero catch limits on walleye and northern pike. Numerous anglers have expressed concern and are asking why not allow some fish to be caught and utilized by Albertans...

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AFGA Perspective on Consultation AFMRT
- posted: 2016-05-09

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Message from the Alberta Fish & Game Association President concerning Wildfire
- posted: 2016-05-06

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Congratulations! 53rd Annual Wildlife Awards Winners! - posted: 2016-04-27

The Alberta Fish & Game Association wants to congratulate all the winners of the 53rd Annual Wildlife Awards who were celebrated on Saturday, April 23, 2016! It was a great night with several Provincial records and a new largest big game taken by a youth award...

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2016 AGM Resolutions
- posted: 2016-03-17

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AFGA Concerned over Bill C-246 - posted: 2016-03-09

Alberta’s largest conservation group, the Alberta Fish & Game Association, is concerned over the first reading of Bill C-246...

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AFGA Position on Recreational Access to Public Leased Land
- posted: 2016-02-02

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2016 Minister's Special Licence Grant Application
- posted: 2015-11-30

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Government Responses to AFGA Resolutions
- posted: 2015-10-02

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Cumulative Effects - Upper Athabasca and Smoky River Basins
- posted: 2015-09-30

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Duvernay and Montney Development Strategy
- posted: 2015-09-30

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Fall Boating – It Takes A Little Bit More Care - posted: 2015-09-21

Boating in the fall offers colourful vistas, quiet anchorages and excellent fishing but it is not without its challenges that necessitate self-sufficiency and taking some additional precautions to keep from running into trouble...

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Upper Peace-Smoky/Upper Athabasca Land and Water Management Crisis and Solution
- posted: 2015-06-18

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Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Update
- posted: 2015-04-22

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Why You Should Become a Member of the Alberta Fish & Game Association
- posted: 2015-04-09

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AFGA Asks Alberta to Stop Use of Poison in Wolf Cull - posted: 2015-04-08

The Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA), Alberta’s first and largest conservation organization, asks the Alberta Government to stop the use of poison in culling wolves in an attempt to save the woodland caribou.

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Views on the Future Management of Bighorn Sheep in Alberta
- posted: 2015-03-25

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Caribou Lose Out Again at Hands of Alberta Government!
- posted: 2015-03-09

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Plains Bison Introduction into Banff Park Pure Folly! - posted: 2015-03-05

Alberta’s largest conservation group, the Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA) is outraged at Parks Canada’s decision to introduce plains bison into the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park under the guise of re-introduction.

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AFGA Disappointed in Lack of Equity for Albertans
- posted: 2015-03-02

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AFGA Proposed Approach to Waterfowl Hunting and Outfitting In Alberta - posted: 2015-02-10

Based on input from our membership, the AFGA proposes that changes to Waterfowl Outfitting are necessary to ensure that resident hunting opportunities for waterfowl are not negatively impacted.

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AFGA NOT in support of proposed sheep regulations
- posted: 2015-01-07

The Alberta Fish & Game Association DOES NOT support the proposed AESRD changes to Bighorn Sheep Regulations...
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The Alberta Fish & Game Association DOES NOT support the proposed AESRD changes to Bighorn Sheep Regulations that state:

  1. All Trophy Sheep hunting south of the Brazeau River will go to Full Curl (from the 4/5 curl rule now in place), and
  2. The 2 zones with a Full Curl restriction now in place (WMU's 302 & 400) will have a shortened season with season closure one week earlier.
Until such time as the accurate status of Alberta’s Sheep is determined the AFGA will not support regulation changes to the detriment of hunting opportunities.

Buy Your Minister’s Special Licence Raffle Tickets! - posted: 2014-11-21

2015 Minister’s Special Licence Raffle tickets for the bighorn sheep, antlered mule deer and antlered elk are now available!
Purchase tickets from the AFGA online here or call AFGA toll free at 780-855-2342.
Check the website regularly for additional locations.

Provincial Fisheries Regulations Revision – Stakeholder Consultation
- posted: 2014-11-20

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2014-15 Minister’s Special Licence Grant Application
- posted: 2014-11-06

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Alberta Wildlife Regulation Revision- Stakeholder Consultation
- posted: 2014-11-03

Dear Stakeholder,
You are invited to participate in a stakeholder consultation to revise the Alberta Wildlife Regulation...
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The Alberta Wildlife Regulation (1997) supports the Wildlife Act in managing Alberta's wildlife. The regulation encompasses a diverse array of subject areas and affects many of our province’s stakeholders. The current Wildlife Regulation expires on 30 June 2015. Your feedback is important in helping to amend certain sections of the Regulation and to help us balance the preferences of Albertan's with the future of wildlife management.

The Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development have contracted Stantec Consulting Ltd to conduct an online stakeholder engagement initiative. There are two opportunities to provide your feedback until 15 December 2014:

Firstly, we invite you to complete our confidential public survey which is at the following URL (you may exit the survey and then return to where you left off by clicking this link each time form the same computer):

Secondly, you are invited to participate in further discussion around certain regulatory topics at our MindMixer community website which can be found at:

Note that only certain sections of the Alberta Wildlife Regulation are in scope for review and consultation, these sections are clearly presented in the online tools above. They include:

• Licences, allowable practices for hunting and trapping wildlife, and protection of endangered organisms.
• Possession of wildlife and wildlife parts
• Permitting for the import, export, possession and sale of wildlife
• Commercial activities related to wildlife (e.g. Fur harvesting and allocation of wildlife to outfitter/guide industry)
• Establishment of wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife management units


If you have any queries please send them to address below.
Thank you for your contributions to the future of wildlife management in Alberta.

Yours Sincerely
Brian Joubert (on behalf of the Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development)

Edmonton, AB
T5K 2L6

Order of the Bighorn Announcement - Recognizing Exemplary Stewardship
- posted: 2014-10-22

Dear Friends of Alberta’s Fish and Wildlife Resources
Albertans have a very long history of exemplary stewardship of our fish and wildlife resources and are deserving of our recognition...
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The Government of Alberta established the Order of the Bighorn Awards in 1982 to celebrate the outstanding contributions to fish and wildlife conservation by Albertans. The last awards were held in 2008. These awards will again be presented, with an Order of the Bighorn Award Ceremony planned for early spring, 2015. Here, several Albertans will be honoured for their volunteer stewardship contributions.

We need your assistance; enclosed is the nomination form for the 2015 Order of the Bighorn Awards. Any deserving Albertan is eligible to receive this award, based on volunteer contributions to fish, wildlife or habitat conservation. You are urged to please take the time to nominate someone who is deserving of this award. The deadline for nominations is November 24, 2014.

The nomination form and instructions for nominators can also be downloaded from the Order of the Bighorn website at:

Please feel free to pass this information along to others who may be interested in making nominations. 

If you have questions, please contact Ron Bjorge or Sue Cotterill at this email account: 

Order of the Bighorn Nomination Form   

Harper Government announces common sense firearms measures for law-abiding firearms owners
- posted: 2014-10-07

Ottawa – Public Safety Canada
Today, the Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, introduced the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act...
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This bill meets the Government’s objective to cut red tape for law-abiding firearms owners and provide safe and simple firearms policies.
Changes to the Criminal Code and the classification regime would enable the Government to take steps to ensure the rights of lawful firearms owners are respected.

Quick Facts
The amendments to the Firearms Act and Criminal Code would:
  • Create a six-month grace period at the end of the five-year licence period to stop people from immediately becoming criminalized for paperwork delays around license renewals;
  • Streamline the licensing system by eliminating the Possession Only Licence (POL) and converting all existing POLs to Possession and Acquisition Licences (PALs);
  • Make classroom participation in firearms safety training mandatory for first-time licence applicants;
  • Amend the Criminal Code to strengthen the provisions relating to orders prohibiting the possession of firearms where a person is convicted of an offence involving domestic violence;
  • End needless paperwork around Authorizations to Transport by making them a condition of a licence for certain routine and lawful activities;
  • Provide for the discretionary authority of Chief Firearms Officers to be subject to limit by regulation;
  • Authorize firearms import information sharing when restricted and prohibited firearms are imported into Canada by businesses; and,
  • Allow the Government to have the final say on classification decisions, following the receipt of independent expert advice.

Lakeland Park - posted: 2014-06-30

Read Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation Richard Sparke’s response to AFGA’s opposition to an Alberta Park's proposal to construct five back-country cabins in Lakeland Park near Lac la Biche. AFGA is opposed to this because the very authority entrusted to conserve Alberta's protected areas, Tourism, Parks and Recreation, is proposing to bring development to the heart of one of our most treasured parks.

AFGA encourages everyone to provide their feedback to Tourism, Parks and Recreation.
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Global Visions Festival Announces Operation Grassland Community as 2014 Award Winner
- posted: 2014-06-04

Global Visions is Canada’s longest running documentary film festival. The festival began in 1983 as the Edmonton Learners Centre’s, Third World Film Festival...
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The centre became a non-profit society – The Global Visions Festival Society – in 1998 which organizes and runs the Global Visions Film Festival.

GVFF draws its strength from enthusiastic, dedicated, grassroots community supporters, patrons and volunteers. Over the years nearly 80 thousand people have taken part in this event and our audience continues to grow. Global Visions is pleased to announce its 2014 Film Awards, featuring 6 Juried Awards and the 2014 City Television Audience Award. Among several other awards.

In 2014 Jeff Allen’s CONSERVATION CARAVAN took the prize for BEST ALBERTA DOC Under 20 minutes.

Caribou, Shmaribou!!!
- posted: 2014-05-27

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2014 ESRD Resolution Responses
- posted: 2014-05-08

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AFMRT Solutions to Increase Angling Opportunity
- posted: 2014-05-06

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Sandhill Crane Season
- posted: 2014-05-06

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Canada's National Recreational Fisheries Awards Nominations - posted: 2014-04-29

Dear fellow outdoorsmen and women,

At the April 26th Alberta Fisheries Management Branch Fisheries Round Table meeting I mentioned that mid-August is the annual deadline to submit nominations for Canada’s National Recreational Fisheries Awards...
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Several individuals and organizations from Alberta have received a national recreational fisheries award over the years, the most recent recipients being Bob Scammell (2013) and the Northern Lights Fly Tiers (2012).

Has someone you know done anything recently to help conserve, protect and/or develop Alberta's recreational fisheries? Do you know of an individual or organization that has developed an educational fishing program to encourage angling participation, teaching others how to fish, particularly children?

If you know of a deserving individual or organization please go the following link for details on how to submit a nomination:

Canada’s National Recreational Fisheries Awards were created in 1989 to recognize outstanding contributions by individuals and organizations in areas such as recreational community leadership, restoring and enhancing fisheries and fish habitat or promoting conservation and sustainable recreational fishing.

Please contact me as Alberta’s representative on the awards committee if you have any questions regarding Canada’s National Recreation Fisheries Awards program.

Duane Radford

Proposed New Elk Farming Regulations - posted: 2014-04-01

It has come to the attention of the Alberta Fish and Game Association from two different sources that regulation changes relating to the escape of animals from game farms are being proposed without public consultation...
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If what we have heard is correct, the proposed changes could have profound and far reaching implications relating to public ownership of free ranging wildlife that have not been adequately considered, due to game farming regulations falling under Alberta Agriculture.

It is inferred that the game farmer would own the animals in perpetuity even if they escape, and regardless of the number of escapees. And further, that if a hunter kills one of these animals and then finds out it originated from a farm he would not held liable, but would have to contact authorities who would determine the owner of the animal, who will then in turn have to deal with the carcass.

Apparently this matter is time sensitive as the closed door discussions are nearing completion.

AFGA Astonished By Actions Of Unelected Bureaucrats - posted: 2014-03-14

Alberta’s largest conservation group, the Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA), continues to be astonished by the vindictive actions of unelected bureaucrats, who have arbitrarily changed the status on a group of long barreled rifles.
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Hunting Demographics, Harvest Rates and Allocations AFGA Conference 2014
- posted: 2014-03-04

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2014 Passed AFGA Resolutions - posted: 2014-02-25

To read the 2014 Passed Resolutions click here

Alberta’s Feral Horses Advisory Committee (AFHAC) - posted: 2014-02-14

As participants in Alberta’s Feral Horses Advisory Committee (AFHAC), the Alberta Fish and Game Association, Alberta’s largest conservation organization, welcomes the decision by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to initiate a feral horse capture season...
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As participants in Alberta’s Feral Horses Advisory Committee (AFHAC), the Alberta Fish and Game Association, Alberta’s largest conservation organization, welcomes the decision by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development to initiate a feral horse capture season, as it is a small interim step towards controlling the numbers of an invasive species that indisputably displaces native wildlife.

We recognize that this will create many emotional outcries based on misinformation to do nothing about the ever growing population of feral horses . There is zero risk of eradicating feral horses via the capture program; doing nothing to control their numbers now will only result in larger issues in the future, and is not a viable option. A long term plan to control the number of feral horses in Alberta is essential.

To read the facts click here

Check out AFGA's winter camp

CEMA December 2013 Newsletter Now Available - posted: 2013-12-17

Please see the attached December 2013 newsletter for CEMA, the Insider....

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The AFGA has been on the CEMA Board for 12 years and now the Fort McMurray Club and Zone 5 Fish and Game Association have been added as members of CEMA after the applications were reviewed and accepted by the CEMA Board at the December 2013 meeting. The attached Newsletter (“The Insider”) describes some of the things CEMA is doing in NE Alberta with regard to Oil Sands Development and the Cumulative Environmental Effects.

The future of CEMA has been receiving considerable local, regional, provincial, national and international interest. Industry has been the major financial contributor and the recent past Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Diana McQueen had strongly supported CEMA. With the new Minister (Robin Campbell) being appointed last week the future of CEMA is not clear.

For your information.
Ray Makowecki
CEMA Board Director
AFGA Member Representative

CEMA Newsletter December 2013

Alberta Poaching An Increasing Problem, Hunting Group Wants Double The Wildlife Officers - posted: 2013-11-26

The Alberta Fish and Game Association says the shooting of dozens of animals by suspected poachers this fall is deplorable and points to the need for more wildlife officers.
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The Conversation Has Begun! - posted: 2013-10-18

Conservation Caravan: A new film shows how Alberta beef can help endangered wildlife

A new short film – the Conservation Caravan – was released this week by Operation Grassland Community (OGC)... Read More

South Sask Regional Plan (Draft) now available - posted: 2013-10-10

South Sask Regional Plan (Draft) now available at
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Provide feedback on the draft plan through an online workbook or by attending one of the information sessions in 21 locations across the region. (October 10, 2013)

We need your help - posted: 2013-09-18

We are putting out a quick request for funding support from Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA) clubs and zones to support a major initiative to secure 11 new habitat properties...
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They are spread out across the province, providing new properties in every region of the province. We have the unique opportunity to partner with Nature Conservancy of Canada, to use Federal Funding for conservation, but the funds need to be spent before year end. There is a short window to use the funds and the value of all properties is over $5 million. We will need to raise about $340,000 from our clubs and will be on title to all properties.

Please see this document for all information

2013 Pheasant Release Sites - posted: 2013-09-13

For 2013, Upland Birds Alberta, a privately-funded grassroots organization of concerned individuals with a passion for our pheasant hunting traditions and the economic viability of Alberta, have been asked to manage the pheasant release program. A total of 16,000 pheasant roosters will be released on approximately 60 different properties across southern Alberta... Read More

Parkland County donates land for conservation - posted: 2013-09-05

Parkland County took another step in protecting environmentally-sensitive land by donating a quarter section of land near Seba Beach to The Alberta Fish and Game Association (AFGA) and Alberta Conservation Association (ACA)...
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Antelope Corridor Enhancement Volunteers Needed! - posted: 2013-08-30

Antelope Corridor Enhancement is confirmed for September 28-29, 2013 on the Pearson and J-J Ranches, approximately 24 kilometres south of Orion on Secondary Highway 887. There are 10 miles of fence to bring up to pronghorn friendly standards...
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We will be adding a bottom smooth wire at 18” on a three strand barbed wire fence. We will also be required to respace the three wires above. I’ll have a half dozen sets of fencing pliers and some spare claw hammers there but if you have your own, please bring them. A carpenter’s apron and gloves are also handy. All of the fencelines are adjacent to the road so access will not be an issue. We will need a minimum of 16 people for this project and can handle up to 20.

There are very few facilities near this location so ensure you have sufficient fuel for your vehicle. There is a cardlock station in Foremost that accepts Mastercard and Visa. The closest campground and hotel is in Foremost and that is where most people will be staying. There are no restaurants nearby so please bring sufficient food and water for each day. There are a couple restaurants in Foremost and the campground has water, power, showers and even some good trout fishing. The mosquitoes should be done by then but make sure you bring sun screen and a hat and you should make sure your tetanus shot is up to date as we are working with old rusted wire.

We will meet at the corner of Highway 887 and Highway 501 on Saturday morning. If everyone could be there by 9:00am it would be greatly appreciated. I suspect most people will arrive Friday night in Foremost so we can travel together from there. I’ll be down there on Tuesday to run the wire and get everything organized but as cell reception is spotty, you may not be able to contact me after September 24 but if you leave a message I will be able to retrieve it.

If you could please email and confirm that you are available for this project, it would be greatly appreciated.

T.J. Schwanky
Wildlife Projects Facilitator
Alberta Fish and Game Association

2013 Hunting Regulations Error Notification - posted: 2013-07-19

Please take notice that there are corrections in the printed version of the 2013 Alberta Hunting Regulations...
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The antlerless whitetailed deer hunting seasons in WMUs 104, 108, 110, 130, 132, 134, 136, 138, 140 and 156 were inadvertently omitted from page 46 of the 2013 Guide to Alberta Hunting Regulations.
• Archery Only Sept 1 – Nov 5
• General (Rifle) Nov 6 – Nov 9, Nov 13 – Nov 16, Nov 20 – Nov 23, Nov 27 – Nov 30 (Special Licence Required)

The antlered and antlerless mule deer hunting seasons in WMUs 334, 336 and 348 were inadvertently omitted from page 50 of the 2013 Guide to Alberta Hunting Regulations. For all three WMUs, the antlered and antlerless mule deer seasons should be:
• Archery Only September 1 – October 31
• General (Rifle) November 1 – November 30 (Special Licence Required)

See this pdf for more information

Restrictions on Métis Hunting rights upheld! - posted: 2013-07-18

The Alberta Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling that restricts where Métis people can hunt in the province.
Garry Hirsekorn was convicted in 2010 of hunting out of season after he shot a mule deer in 2007 near the Cypress Hills area in southeast Alberta... Read More

Government Response to 2013 Resolutions - posted: 2013-06-12

Government responses to Alberta Fish and Game Association’s 2013 Resolutions passed at the February AGM....
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Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Update - posted: 2013-05-31
By Andy Boyd

I represent AFGA on the North-Central Alberta Community Advisory Board (CAB) established by Enbridge to facilitate public input on their proposal to construct an oil pipeline from Bruderheim to Kitimat...
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Cal Rakach, representing the Alberta Outdoor Coalition, is also a member of that CAB, and in BC the BC Wildlife Federation participates in the CAB process there. Each of the five regional CABs meet four times per year including, for the past two years, an All CAB Conference in Vancouver.

I have raised F&G concerns about fishery habitat impacts from pipeline right of way and road crossings of streams. Separate from the CAB process we have had some discussions with Enbridge planners regarding direct F&G involvement in planning and monitoring stream crossings, and in the “offset” options to compensate for unavoidable impacts, by actively improving fish habitat along the route. Peter Blake, Darryl Smith, Ray Makowecki, Gaetan Richard and I have been involved in these early discussions. If approval for the Project is granted the detailed engineering will get underway and specific opportunities for Fish & Game input will become clear.

It must be noted that our participation on the CAB, and our interest in working to conserve fishery habitat, does not imply AFGA support for the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project. On behalf of the Sherwood Park Fish & Game Association I am participating in the Federal Joint Review Panel’s Hearings on the Northern Gateway Project. Currently, as of Dec. 10, the Hearings are being held in Prince Rupert after sessions in Edmonton and Prince George. The Final Argument stage of the Hearings is scheduled to start May, 2013.

2014 National Recreational Fisheries Awards - posted: 2013-05-06

Call for Nominations
Each year, five National Recreational Fisheries Awards are presented to deserving individuals or organizations...
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Fisheries and Oceans Canada is now seeking nominations for the 2014 Awards.

The attachements below are a description of the National Recreational Fisheries Awards program and the nomination form. For those of you who would like more information about previous Award winners or additional information on the program, the link is: If you know of anyone else who might be interested in making a nomination, please feel free to forward this information to them also.

Note that nominations received after August 2013 will be considered for the 2015 Awards.

2014 Nominations Callout
Nominations Brocheur English
Nomination Form
Nominations Brocheur French
Formulaire de mise en candidature

AFGA holds 50th Wildlife Awards Banquet - posted: 2013-04-19

(Edmonton April 19, 2013)… Alberta’s largest conservation group, the Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA), is hosting its 50th Annual Wildlife Awards Banquet on April 20, 2013 at:
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The Polish Hall
10960 104 Street
6:00pm cocktails, 7:00pm dinner

This event is an opportunity for the AFGA to recognize Alberta’s award winning harvests from the 2012 hunting and fishing seasons as well as honouring photographers and an Alberta student with a scholarship.

This is a semi-casual affair with dinner followed by awards.

The Alberta Fish and Game Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization proud to serve Albertans in the promotion of the wise use of our fish and wildlife resources and the conservation of their habitats. The AFGA has been active since 1908 in working towards these goals and has a province-wide membership of more than 24,000 individuals spread among 100+ Clubs.

Gordon Poirier, President, (780) 573-6458
Martin Sharren, Executive Vice President, (780) 437-2342

Buy your Minister's Special Licence Raffle Tickets - posted: 2013-04-18

Buy your Minister's Special Licence raffle tickets in Calgary at:
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Cycle Works Motorsports
4127 6 St NE, Calgary

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Spring Pheasant Breeder Birds Available Immediately - posted: 2013-03-28

“Spring releasing hens into quality habitat is the best way to introduce/enhance natural pheasant populations.” The Canadian Pheasant Company (CPC) in Brooks is not going into production this year and are liquidating this year’s breeder stock immediately...
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Because the company was not able to secure a long-term contract (3-5 years) for the Alberta Raise and Release Program ownership have decided to close the business. In order to reduce overhead costs CPC is liquidating breeding stock and offering birds to Alberta Fish and Game Clubs/Members at discounted pricing. If consortiums of clubs want to collectively order larger volumes (1000+) an AFAG discount will apply. Birds available are optimum condition reproductively viable hens and hand selected breeder roosters (rooster: hen ratio of 1:25) on a first come first serve basis. Hen pricing is $15/bird. Orders over 1000 hens are $12.50/bird and orders over 5000 are $10/bird. Call CPC on first come first serve basis for rooster availability and pricing. All orders are FOB Brooks, Alberta. Birds will be held by deposit until May 15, 2013. Birds held after April 15 may be subject to a weekly maintenance fee ($0.20/bird/week).

This may very well be the last chance to release hen pheasants with historic genetics in the province of Alberta.

CPC would like to thank all the AFGA club/members for their strong support over the past and let everyone know this decision was not made lightly. Significant private funding and efforts went into enhancing Alberta pheasant hunting opportunities. AFGA provided significant support to these programs.

For more information call CPC
Office: 403-362-4122
Fax: 403-362-4123
Mobile: 403-501-4991 or 403-501-4957

AFGA 2013 Resolutions - posted: 2013-02-28

The following are the Resolutions that were passed at the Alberta Fish & Game Association’s recent 84th Annual General Meeting held on February 23rd in Red Deer, Alberta.
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Minister's Special Licence Raffle Tickets Now Available! - posted: 2013-02-07

Tickets for the bighorn sheep, antlered mule deer and elk raffles are now available at the Calgary Boat & Sportsmen's Show February 7-10 at the Sarcee Fish & Game Association booth...
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Tickets are also available from the AFGA office online here or by phone 780-437-2342.

Check the website regularly for additional locations.

Proposed Levy Increases - Posted: 2013-01-25

The Deadline for giving your input to the ACA about levy increases is January 31, 2013.
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To give your input - Click here: LEVY INCREASES

Barbless Hooks - posted: 2013-01-15

In the fall of 2011, an inadvertent, according to the Alberta Government, federal amendment to the Alberta Fishery Regulations removed the barbed hook ban...
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The omission was not immediately noted and has affected about 600 Albertans who were ticketed for using barbed hooks.

Officials from ESRD and Justice and Solicitor General are apparently working to rectify the problem by withdrawing charges and reversing wrongful convictions and fines for those individuals affected since September 2011.

Alberta Government is apparently working with the Government of Canada to determine the next steps.

A Reminder from ESRD - posted: 2013-01-08

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development has conducted Game Harvest Surveys since 1986 and the information you provide is an important component of managing hunting in Alberta... Read More

NAIT's Sturgeon River Research Project - posted: 2012-11-30

The purpose of this survey is to identify changes in the watershed over the past 50+ years, and to prioritize the issues that you see as most important...
Read More

This information will also help to direct future NAIT research activities in the watershed.

If you are over the age of 18 and live in the Sturgeon River Watershed, you are invited to participate by clicking on the following link: