Tickets may be purchased for 90 days as follows:
100 Elk tickets per person per day
100 Mule Deer tickets per person per day
100 Sheep ticket per person per day

You can only sign on once per day so please complete all transactions,
if you fail to complete your transaction you will not be able to purchase tickets until the next day.
After 90 days (April 11, 2018) you may purchase an unlimited amount of tickets per day.

If you have any problems completing your transaction, please contact the AFGA office (780) 437-2342
For more information or a complete list of rules and regulations click here: Minister's Special Licence Raffle Rules

Antlered Mule Deer
Raffle Tickets
@ $10 per ticket

Antlered Elk
Raffle Tickets
@ $10 per ticket

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
Raffle Tickets
@ $10 per ticket

Please type in the number of tickets that you want in the box provided per species (max 100 per species)
If you do not want to purchase your tickets online, you can download our Order Form (HERE) or contact the AFGA office: email: office@afga.org or Phone: (780) 437-2342
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